Malaysia properties Investment FAQ

Malaysia, north to Thailand, South and Singapore across the Johore Straits. As a new capitalist country with diversified economy, Malaysia was once one of the "Four Tigers of Asia" in 1990s. With the development in recent years, Malaysia has grown into an eye-catching diversified emerging industrial country and emerging economies in Asia. Besides, tourism is the third largest source of foreign exchange earnings in Malaysia.
Why do you want to invest in Malaysia real estate? These 4 advantages tell you:
In 2020 Malaysia's landscape planning and Chinese area promote road, Malaysia not only get rid of the influence of the global economic downturn, and entered a rapid development period. Especially in the capital of Kuala Lumpur, the speed of development can be comparable to that of China's North Canton, with high buildings and modern modernization. For Chinese investors with immigrant demand, Singapore and Malaysia have been an important target for the allocation of assets in Southeast Asia, and real estate investment is a good choice for many.
Malaysia's real estate investment is favored by overseas investors, mainly for the following 4 reasons:
1, jump house prices rise
According to the world bank Richard's report, housing prices in Malaysia are not ranked high in the world, ranking only ninety-ninth. However, in the four years between 2010 and 2014, Malaysia's housing prices jumped by 46%. House prices in Kuala Lumpur, the capital, have risen by 17.18%, becoming the largest increase in prices in Asia, followed by cities including Taipei, Hongkong and Shanghai. So, Malaysia's real estate value-added space is huge.
2, high population growth rate brings dividends
According to statistics, the population of Malaysia has increased rapidly in recent years, and it increased by 5 million from 2000 to 2019, reaching 2830. Official statistics in 2016 show that the number of population has exceeded 31 million 180 thousand, and this growth momentum will continue. These young generation will gradually become the main force of the purchase.
At the same time, the Malaysian economic growth is very stable. Malaysia's real estate market is very bright under the two strong demands of housing demand and strong purchasing power.
3, high rental return, to protect the interests of buyers
For real estate investors, the rental income is also a very important consideration.
According to the 2015 global real estate guide published in 2015, the average rent rate in Malaysia's property was 4.57%, far more than 2.66% in the country. China's Hongkong and Singapore share only 2.82% and 2.93% respectively. So the rental income is very substantial for the investors in the house, and the property in Malaysia is generally 100 years' property rights and permanent property rights, which can completely eliminate the concern of property buyers.
4, the completion premium is considerable, bringing capital gains
The premium is the difference between the price of the developer and the actual transaction price.
From the pre-sale to completion, the real estate price in Malaysia will increase by about twenty or thirty, so investors will get a premium for completion. Therefore, investors generally choose to invest in the advantageous location and good environment at the pre-sale stage.


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